SCA is aware and ready to take his share in the responsibility in addressing one of the most important tasks that will touch us all, to manage and resolve at the current time, as is the population growth in urban centers, which will assume an added strain on infrastructure and equipment, which must support many more people, with the corresponding demands on…, adding the obligation not to increase the environmental impact.

It is a challenge for older , inefficient buildings ( the existing buildings consume about 40 percent of the energy of most countries ), but also for new buildings .

The answer lies in energy efficiency.

SCA believes that securing the future depends largely on its development is based on sustainability and competitiveness by rationalizing the use of natural resources and energy, and minimizing where possible the impact that activities have on the environment .

The benefits of energy efficiency are to: reduce operating costs ( product manufacturing or service delivery ) , improving the competitiveness of businesses , maintaining or improving the level of comfort , lower energy bills , lower emissions , improved equipment performance and increasing the useful life of buildings and equipment.

Through our proposals and projects apply best environmental , social and economic practices that benefit our customers and society as a whole.

Since 2008 we have designed and/or implemented several «green» or efficient energy rating with the greatest buildings such as administrative headquarters of the Delegation of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Málaga, indoor pool at Faculty of Sport Sciences University of Granada, or pool deck Torre del Mar, Velez-Malaga (Malaga).