Qué es SCA

SÁNCHEZ CARRERO ARQUITECTOS (SCA), founded in January 1993, is a team of technical professionals dedicated to Architecture and Urban Design services.

Innovation, the environment and society are the fundamental axises

Innovation, the environment and society are the cornerstones of the firm commitment that keeps SCA since its foundation, from which directs, designs, creates, plans and advice.

Thus has been providing services to individuals and companies, private and public, as a means to help improve the quality of life and progress of the people, with their continued commitment to talent, integrity, professionalism, collaboration and innovation.

SCA recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with great satisfaction. During this time period, the vision and values ​​ of SCA have evolved, adapting at all times to the demands and needs of society.

To give the best answer every time, has taken great care that the SCA consisting qualified professionals and enthusiasts for their work and dedication, as the main focus of their activity ARCHITECTURE .

The effort, craftsmanship and creativity of people working in SCA, and working with it, is what makes SCA a reality, with its main assets such professionals.

SCA faces the future with illusion renewed, with the same vocation SERVICE as always, and with the conviction and determination to continue to evolve and walking with the rest of the world, and to continue to provide the best services.